In 2019, Milena continued experimentation in the field of artistic hand embroidery but with a different perspective. As part of her Ph.D. research project, embroidery is observed through the tradition and identity of the Serbian nation.


2019 – present

Milena uses embroidery shapes and forms collected all over Serbia. She treats her work with more contrasts and different colors while remaining its fuscous palette. In combination with the inner universe, she creates small and large formats that invite the viewer to the path of the imaginary. In all her work, Milena raises the issue of personal identity: Who am I, and what is the purpose of MY existence?

~How can an observer be expected to experience the image as I experienced it? The picture appeared to me long before it was painted; who knows how early I felt, saw and painted, and the next day I don’t understand what I did. How someone can penetrate my dreams, foster desires, and thoughts that took me a long time to shape and come to the surface, even less understand what I was painting there, perhaps against my will.~

Pablo Picasso